First time in Michalovce

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Eagles division, red group - second round is coming up

Carpathian Junior Hockey League 2018/2019 season will "jump" to its second half during the Christmas holidays. While the Bears division as well as the blue group of the Eagles division have already two rounds behind, the red group of Eagles division meet for the second time just during the coming holidays.

Teams will compete in Michalovce, Slovakia. It will be the first time, in 3-seasons history of Carpathian Junior Hockey League, in this town. Games of the second round are unusually scheduled for up to four days. Home team HK Mládež Michalovce and Latvian HC Ogre Juniors will play in the opening game on December 26th at 18:00. Complete games schedule you culd find here.

After the first round, the situation in the table is very close. On the first place after first round is Kryzhynka Kyiv without loss. But in three other places the teams split only one-point differences: 2. Novojavorivsk (10 points), 3. Michalovce (9), 4. Beograd (8). According to the results of the first round, we can assume that these four teams will fight for the first three places in the Blue group, which guarantee them a place in the final group. The chance to place in the first three is obviously also Ogre (after the first round 3 points) and due to the minimal differences also Nowy Trag, which in the first round in Novojavorivsk not get a point.

As in the opening round of the "red" group and in both rounds of the "blue" group, in Michalovce will start the seventh team in the "guest team" position. This time it will be Select team, consisting of players from Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The results of the "guest teams" that participate in the competition rounds are not count in the standings of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League.

The third round of Eagles division will be played in February. First, teams of the "Red" group (8-10 February 2019) will meet in Now Targ, the "blue" group will fight for points in Debrecen (15-17 February 2019). It is only after the third round that it will be clear what teams will pass to the final group (the teams that will be placed in the first three places in the red and blue groups) and what teams will be played just for the final standings. The locations as well as the dates of the 4th round will be specified later.