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The Carpathian Junior Hockey League season 2018/2019 moved to its second half. The EAGLES Division has scheduled last rounds of its groups in February. Teams of the "red" group will meet on February 8/10 in Nowy Targ, Poland. "Blue" teams a week later in Hungary, city of Debrecen (February 15/17).

In the third round, the teams will fight for their chance to participate in FINAL SIX. So how will the final, fourth round look like? The first three teams from both groups will play for the title of Champion of the U15 Carpathian Junior Hockey League. The teams placed on the 4th to 6th place after third round in both groups will play at the end of the season for the placement (final 7th to 12th place).

After the second round, the differences in the standings are very close, so in Poland and Hungary we can look forward to the hard struggle for the position that gurantee participation in the FINAL SIX. In both groups, five teams have chance to finish on the place that guarantee participation in FINAL SIX.

There are 15 more points still in the "game". Only the leading team of "blue" group - Poland Select U15 - has the "mathematical" certainty to get to FINAL SIX. We can be almost sure, that with 29 points after second round and 10 points lead, they will keep first place in the group. Behind them, however, the situation is much more dramatic. The second Sanok (19 points), the third Debrecen (15) and the fourth Trebišov (13) certainly think about the top half of the ranking. Also Legion Kalush, who has 10 points, still have a chance.

In the "red" group, the situation is a bit more tangly. There is not even one team with the certainty of the FINAL SIX. The closest to this target are "Halycke Levy" (1st place / 24 points) and Kryzhynka Kyiv (2./23). The third place is held by Michalovce (16 points), but only with a tight lead in front of Belgrade (14). On the fifth position is HC Ogre with 13 points. Without any chance for FINAL SIX is Nowy Targ, who has not yet won any point.

To the fourth round, teams do not transfer their points from groups. Only bonuses for placement in a group. Group winners will enter the final round with three points, teams placed in second place will start with 2 points. The 3rd place in the group means a bonus of 1 point. The same it will be in "final standing" group. (4th place in group = bonus 3 points, 5th place = 2 points, 6th place = 1 point).