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GM and coach of SK CSKA Sofia

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SK CSKA Sofia is one of the new teams in Carpathian Junior Hockey League. It is not just new club, but also a representative of a new country on CJHL map. 

"I must say, that since our first contact with Kiril, everything was going fast and easy with CSKA. The club has met all the requirements for joining the League without any delay," said Peter Kločanka, CJHL director, and continued: "We know, that by expanding the League to hockey "less developed" countries we take the risk of losing quality. On the other hand, we want to be a league that helps players to develop their skills. We want to be a league for all players and clubs who are interested in their development."

During the first round in Trebišov (August, 23-25) had Bulgarian team presented with well organised system and good skating. Even though they didn't get a point, they weren't an easy opponent for other teams. In 6 games, they "burned out" only once (vs. Novojavorivsk 3:11). In other games it was much more close (Nowy Targ 4:8, KirályPingvinek 1:4, Trebišov 3:5, Kaunas 2:6, Miskolc 2:3). Interesting is the fact, that Sofia scored 7 goals in power-play and is on the first place in this statistic in whole Eagles division. But it is necessary to say, that young bulgarians have to work harder in defensive zone. 202 shots on their goalies in 6 games is too much.

"I think, I can already say, it was a good move that we took Sofia into the League. The professional approach of the club management as well as the efforts of the boys on the ice confirmed it. I know, that in first round they missed a few players because of national team duties, thats why I am sure we will see stronger team in next rounds. And I hope that our League will help these players growth," added Peter Kločanka.

After the first round we spoke with Mr. Kiril Hodulov, general manager and head coach of SK CSKA Sofia. His coaching career is closely conect with CSKA. Several years he was also coaching Bulgarian national teams in different age categories, including senior team.

SK CSKA Sofia is a new team in Carpathian Junior Hockey League. Tell us something about your club.

The club was found in the early 50's .The first medals-bronze in 1953. Since that time, CSKA-Sofia has been a dominant force in our ice hockey history. In 1992 the club has been forced to quit because of the financial reasons and our home ice rink was demolished. 15 years later, in 2007, we started from zero. Rebuilding the CSKA ice hockey team and the club. Now we have teams in each of the age groups.

What about your national championship. How many teams are in Bulgaria in this age category (U16)?

In Bulgaria we have only 5 teams in this age category.

We don´t know too much about hockey in Bulgaria. Tell us something more about hockey in your country, especially about youth and junior hockey.

We have traditions in ice hockey in Bulgaria. Before there were junior teams not only from our capital Sofia but also from Pernik, Stara Zagora, Elin Pelin, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna during the years and we had a good competition. But since 1995 the ice rinks in the respective cities shut down and unfortunately now the ice hockey is concentrated only in Sofia. On the youth level we have now a teams also from Botevgrad and Varna. Another 5 teams are from Sofia. These 5 clubs are practising and playing games in one Ice Arena with two ice sheets.

How you got known about CJHL?

How I got known about CJHL? Well, I follow European junior hockey. We try to play as much international games as possible and to participate in the tournaments around Europe during the season. I heard once, I think during the friendly games in Romania, about CJHL. Then on internet I saw some news and results of the season 2018/2019. And then I met Vladimir Mihalik in Sofia and we talked about our possible participation in this league.

Was your deciding about participation in Carpathian Junior Hockey League hard? What was the main reason of your decision to take part in this competition?

No, it wasn´t. The main reason is that we want our players to play more games during the season, to develop their skills against better teams, to play more competitive games against strong opponents, to gain international experience.

We have first round behind us. Does the League and the participating teams, fulfill your expectations?

Absolutely! We expected the teams to play real good hockey with a lot of speed and discipline. And to be fair I really expected all the teams to play clean hockey like it was.

cska 2

Maybe, for someone is team from Bulgaria little bit exotic, but your team in Trebišov presented with good skating and sympatic perform. Anyhow, you went home without any points. What you need to improve to get on level of other teams? What we can expect from your team in next rounds?

Thank you very much for your words and for the impression we have left in Trebisov. What we need is tio gain confidence. To play more discipline. To be more strong on the puck, to add some more speed and strength, and to try to keep the game level between the first and second round.

What will satisfy you in the end of the season?

We'll be satisfied if we get some points, win 2-3 games, close the gap to the best teams in the league, to see that our players has been improved during the season and to see the spark in the players eyes.

Do you think that such an international competition can help young players in their hockey-related growth?

Definitely will help. No doubt about that.

What's your wish to all players of CJHL for this season?

This a very good question. I think, I know what every player wish for his hockey career. But my wish to all the players is to enjoy every single minute on and off the ice, to make more friends during the league rounds, because where else you'll meet so many hockey players at one place and the same time.
And finally this is a great experience for their lives and I wish them to pursue their hockey dreams.