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Carpathian Junior Hockey League is proud to announce new member of the League. Pilsen Wolves, Czech Republic, became a new member of CJHL.

"Pilsen Wolves participated in first round of U14 Poland Qualification as a guest team. As we can saw in all games in Nowy Targ, it is a very good team. Petr Jonák, Pilsen´s Head coach, asked me about our League and about possibility to join as a League member," said Krzysztof Czech, CJHL Board of Directors member, about first contacts with Pilsen Wolves.

"After Krzysztof passed me information about their interest, I sent all necessary documents to Mr. Jonák. I must say, that his response was very fast and clear. He has strong interest to participate in our League. So now, we can proudly say, that family of CJHL get bigger. Even if, right now we are living strange times," adeed Peter Kločanka, CJHL director.

Need to be say, that after that, situation in U4 Poland Qualification group has changed. Pilsen wons all the games in first round, so right now they are leader of the group.

"We hope, that all teams accept this change and welcome possibility to play against such a good team also in next rounds. Each team, especially team of this quality push our League to higher level. So if there is a chance to signed such a team, we are ready to do it all the time," closed Peter Kločanka.

Results of Pilsen Wolves in first round:

Podhale Nowy Targ - Pilsen Wolves 2:3
UKH Unia Oświęcim (guest team) - Pilsen Wolves 3:4
AH Legia Warszawa - Pilsen Wolves 0:9
Pilsen Wolves - JKH GKS Jastrzębie 5:4
Pilsen Wolves - UKS Niedźwiadki Sanok 6:1
Pilsen Wolves - ŁKH Łódź 11:0

We contacted also Mr. Petr Jonák, to ask him about his motives to join Carpathian Junior Hockey League. 

"First of all thank you for the admission to the League. It´s a new challenge for us these days. For boys it´s an opportunity to play hockey and for us the possibility to provide to young players experience with international hockey scene. What´s also important is social experience acquired during the tournament and a possibility to gain knowledge about other cultures and national customs," answered Head coach of Pilsen Wolves.

In conclusion, we will just add that the second round is scheduled for December 18-20 and will take place again in Nowy Targ.