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After second round of U16 POLAND QUALIFICATION we spoke with the Points Leader of the group. Bartolomiej STOLARSKI #26, JKH GKS Jastrzębie-Zdrój...

Tell us something about your start in hockey. How did you get involved in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

When I was five years old, my parents took me to my first practice and I've been playing hockey ever since.

Do you still remember your first coaches? Can you highlight some of the coaches who have or had a major impact on your hockey growth?

At the start, I had a couple of coaches, from whom I tried to get as much knowledge as possible. My current coach – Mariusz Bernacki – has been my coach for six years now. I think that every coach I’ve worked with has contributed to my hockey development.

Do you have a hockey model or a favorite hockey team?

Auston Matthews is my role model. So it's no surprise that my favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What would you like to achieve in hockey? Do you have a hockey dream?

The dream of every hockey player is to play the NHL – and in my case it’s no different.

If you didn't play hockey, is there another sport you would have focused on competitively?

I think football or volleyball.

In the first round, your team suffered three close losses. But in the second you won three games relatively easily. What did you change in your game so that such a big change could take place?

Three months passed since the first tournament in Nowy Targ. We had time to think over our game and about what we need to improve.

The group table is very close now; after an excellent second round you moved into third place, just two points behind the leading pair. Do you think you’ll get to a higher position in the third round?

We approach each match with the goal of winning, and we’ll go into the third round with the same approach and do everything we can to win all the matches.

You are currently the most productive player in the league and you did well last season as well. What is your “recipe” for scoring goals?

It doesn’t matter if I score a goal. Team play is the most important thing. All five of us on the ice are working to score a teamgoal.

Your number of goals and assists is balanced. What do you enjoy more, scoring goals or setting up goals for teammates?

It’s not important if I score a goal or assist on one. Winning is the crucial thing.

You also played on your team in the Carpathian Junior Hockey League last season and were able to compete with foreign teams. How did you like it? Do you miss this confrontation now?

We play against Polish teams in our league day after day. We also take part in tournaments with teams from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, but the CJHL has given us more opportunities to play against teams from other countries. Do I miss games against foreign teams? Yes, I think so. It’s always a different hockey school from which I can learn something new.

You were in first place in your group the mentioned season. Unfortunately, the final round was never held (due to pandemic situation). Were you and your team very disappointed that you couldn’t battle for the title of KMHL champion?

It was a great pity that the final tournament didn’t take place. We would certainly have done our best to win the title of league champion.

What would you wish for yourself and your teammates, but also your opponents by the end of this season?

I wish them all good, valuable games and that they avoid injuries.


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