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We continue in introduction of the new coaches in Carpathian Junior Hockey League. We spoke with Yevgeni Alipov, coach of the actual leader of the red group, Eagles division.

How do you remember your hockey beginnings? Who got you started in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

I made my first hockey steps in hockey school of "Sokil" Kyiv. My first coach was Valentin Pavlovich Utkin.

How did your hockey career develop? What do you consider as the greatest success in your playing career?

After I finished "Sokil" hockey school I continued playing for senior team of Sokil Kyiv in the championship of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Later I played for Dynamo Kharkov and some European teams.

When did you began with coaching? Did you plan to become a trainer during your active playing career? Where have you worked as a coach?

During the time when I was playing in the Czech Republic, I began to help with training children. In 2006 I began my coaching career in the school of "Kryzhynka" Kiyv. In the begining I was helping with training of players born in 1993/95. I am working as coach in this club till now.

Do you have a coach-idol? What style of hockey do you prefer as a coach?

My coach-idol is Viktor Tikhonov and I like the style of CSKA Moscow of 80´s.

And the best moment of your coaching career so far?

3rd place in the junior U18 world championship, D1B group, in 2015/2016 season. But I still hope that the best moments of my coaching career still come.

What would you like to achieve as a coach? Do you have any dreams for your coaching career?

I would like to bring up players who could play in the top leagues in the world.

What goals do you have upon entering the Carpathian Junior Hockey League?

The main goal of our decision to participate in the Carpathian Junior Hockey League was to get possibility to our players to meet and play against teams with a different style of European hockey.

Do you think that such an international competition can help young players in their hockey-related growth?

I think that these international competition will help our team in hockey growth.


The best player ever: Valeri Kharlamov, Wayne Gretzky
The best active player: Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk
Your most favourite hockey team: CSKA of 80´, Edmonton Oilers of 80´s
Your most favourite sport (exc. hockey): Football
Your most favourite sportsman: Michael Jordan