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How do you remember your hockey beginnings? Who got you started in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

I started with figure skating when I was 4 years old and continue to 9. But once I got to the match Dynamo-Kharkov with CSKA. This was my first hockey match, which I saw live. This game changed everything. And after that I went into hockey. My first coach was Kurakin Vladimir Anatolyevich. And my first hockey match I played in figure skates.

How did your hockey career develop? What do you consider as the greatest success in your playing career?

Until I was 13 years old, I trained at the School of Sports at Kurakin V.A., then I was invited by the coach Pravilov I.N. to the team "Druzba-78". At age 17, they invited me to the CSKA Moscow farm- club. Graetest success? Every goal I scored for all the years is my gaming success!

When did you begin with coaching? Did you plan to become a trainer during your active playing career? Where have you worked as a coach?

My coaching started from the age of 13. With the "Druzba -78" team, we traveled all over America and Canada where we held master classes, hockey camps for skating, pucking, etc. I started to realize this more in 2007 when I was playing in the Serbian championship, and in my free time I worked with children. I worked as a coach in Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, Serbia, Spain, America. Also in many countries of Europe I organized hockey camps.

Do you have a coach-idol? What style of hockey do you prefer as a coach?

The legendary team Coach, who has something to learn, for me it's Tarasov Anatoliy. And the coach, which is for me the authority in skating, control of the puck, balance of the body, Dorozhenko Boris. My style of play depends on the opponent. And, depending on the circumstances, during the game it can change.

What would you like to achieve as a coach? Do you have any dreams for your coaching career?

Joy, sports excitement, fire in the eyes of players, the desire to fight and win, that's my coaching success. I want my players to transfer their knowledge and teach them hard work, perseverance and endurance. Help to acquire sports skills, temper the character. To teach to own their emotions, to be members of one team and to achieve high results.

What goals do you have upon entering the Carpathian Junior Hockey League?

Game practice.

Do you think that such an international competition can help young players in their hockey-related growth?

Such tournaments held by the Carpathian League are very important for both players and the coach. Teams from different countries, from different championships, with different styles of play. A kind of test drive for players and for skill, and for restraint and character! I think that the Carpathian League has good prospects for development!


The best player ever: Kharlamov Valery #17
The best active player: Pupil of Boris Dorozhenko, player who grew up before my eyes - Austin Matthews
Your most favorite hockey team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Your most favorite sport (exc. hockey): American football
Your most favorite sportsman: Novak Djokovic, tennis



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