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Carpathian Junior Hockey League is proud to announce the next club of 2021/2022 season! Seklerland Ice Hockey Academy (Romania) signed up their teams to three age categories of CJHL. Young Romanian players will play in U14, U16 and U18.

Seklerland Ice Hockey Academy never played in CJHL before. "We were contacted by Mr. Tamás Horvát, sports manager of Academy, before previous season. Unfortunatelly, season was cancelled due to corona pandemic. However, we stayed in contact, and today we can announce Seklerland Academy membership in CJHL," approached Peter Kločanka, CJHL director.

The Seklerland Ice Hockey Academy was founded in 2016. Since its establishment the Academy has been working on laying the foundations of a system guaranteeing long-term quality training for Seklerland’s youth. As a result of these efforts, nowadays the training is undertaken in 8 separate centers that follow the professional standards of the Academy, while the number of children learning ice hockey has multiplied. At the moment, there are more than 1100 young hockey players who wear the jerseys of the Academy on a weekly basis.

"Beginning with the current season we would like to participate in the Carpathian Junior Hockey League as well with our U14, U16 and U18 teams. Our participation in the CJHL is extremely important, because it furthers our objective to offer our players diverse and high-standard competition opportunities," explained the reasons for joining CJHL Tamás Horvát and added, "Our hockey players will develop properly only if they can compete not exclusively in the national championships, but can also meet teams from other cultures, and compete with experienced, well-trained contestants. Such occasions enable the players to familiarize themselves with different playing styles, and to broaden their tactical and technical repertoire. It is our conviction that the Carpathian Junior Hockey League would guarantee all these advantages to our players. We are confident that the participation of the Seklerland Ice Hockey Academy in the CJHL will be beneficial to all players involved."

Each center, each club, working under Academy´s standards has teams between U8 and U18, these are participating in the Romanian Championship and the Transilvanian Hockey League. The Academy also has mixed select teams participating in the Hungarian Championship. CJHL games will bring for all of this kids another opportunity of international confronation.

"For us, it is a new club. We don´t know them. But we like the idea of Academy, as it is presented. Also, communication with Mr. Horvát is very professional. So we are very happy, that we can welcome teams of Seklerland Ice Hockey Academy in our competitions. We hope, that we started long time partnership. We are sure that it will brings benefits for both sides and SIHA teams will stay with us for more seasons," closed Peter Kločanka.