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Interview with coach of HC Ogre Juniors

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After second round we interviewed young coach of HC Ogre Juniors...

How do you remember your hockey beginnings? Who got you started in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

My uncle was a hockey player so I used to go to watch his games with my father when I was a kid. When I was 6, my father sign me to Balderis hockey school, this was my first team.

How did your hockey career developed?

Till 15 years I played in youth teams of Balderis hockey school. As I was 16, I started to play in Latvian hockey league with junior team. During these times I played 2 times in U18 World Championships and one time U20 WCH in Vancouver, Canada. In 2004 I started my senior career in team LSPA Riga. Later I played Extraleague in Belarus, Ligue Magnus in France. I also played in Poland and Germany. Afterthat I returned to Latvia. I played my last 3 seasons in HK Kurbads. After knee injury I had to finish my player´s career, it was in 2016.

When did you begin with coaching? Did you plan to become a trainer during your active playing career? Where have you worked as a coach?

I started working as a coach when I returned to Latvia in 2013. First I started wiht boys born 2007/2008, I worked with them 2 seasons. After that, I took boys born 2005/2006. Their old coach retired, so I continued with them. Now, I am coach for 6 years and all that time I am in Ogre Juniors. I was also as a coach of Select teams 2006 and 2007 in WSI tournaments last summer.

Do you have a coach-idol? What style of hockey do you prefer as a coach?

Probably, Olegs Znaroks is my role model as the coach. He was my coach when I was play in junior teams. He is very smart coach, with very good tactical thinking. I prefer offensive hockey, when all players play in pressing.

And the best moment of your coaching career so far?

I already had several happy moments in my coach career. I hope that the best moments will still come in the future.

What would you like to achieve as a coach? Do you have any dreams for your coaching career?

I think all people have a dreams, and coaches have too. When it happens, i will say you :)

Your team is younger compare to others. You already knew that before you entered CJHL. What was your goal?

Yes we knew about that. Our goal was to play every game for 100%, and try to get as much points as possible. Its hard to play when other teams are older, faster and physically stronger, but I told to my players we must be smarter. And we must to try pass a puck much more faster.

In first round you made 3 points, but in second you add next 10 points! What is behind this improvement?

After first round I understood, that if we want to go in TOP 3, I need take some players born 2004. In second round I had two. They helped us a lot, and it was also next impuls for the team.

Now, your team is only three points behind third place, which guarantee participation in FINAL SIX of Eagles division. Will you "catch" this possibility in third round in Nowy Targ?

This is question from future:) For sure we want to go for final six. We will see after 3rd round what will happen!!!

Do you think that such an international competition can help young

Definitely, to play with other countries, against teams with different methods and systems is always good for your development.